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20+ Volunteers Needed Each Day

Cochrane, AB, July 5, 2013—Canadian Global Response disaster relief teams continue to work in rural areas such as Exshaw and Morley, AB, that were affected by the recent flooding. As additional team leaders with training in mud-outs have arrived, we are excited to see the opportunity for our volunteer base to increase each day. Larger groups of volunteers are already scheduled to assist throughout the week, with the prospect of upwards of 50 people being sent out on a daily basis. If you have not already, please complete the following volunteer form to help us connect you with a team that matches your skillset and availability: CGR AB Flooding Volunteer Form

NEEDED: We are in need of an additional 20+ volunteers each day this weekend and throughout next week! If you can arrive in Cochrane, AB at 7:30am for our safety debrief, please email administration@c-g-r.ca to confirm your participation and for the debrief location. A minimum age of 14 is required to volunteer. Safety gear, equipment, food, and transportation to and from Cochrane will be provided by Canadian Global Response.

Please visit our donation page for different ways to contribute. Thank you for your generous equipment and financial donations over the past few weeks—your response towards the AB Flooding and the Syrian Crisis will catalyze change, in accordance with our “Dollar in = Dollar out” structure. Because all of our administration costs are sponsored by partners, every dollar donated to CGR is given directly to those in need.

Abraham Shepherd (CGR President) shared this with an audience in Saskatoon, SK yesterday evening “If the imagery of people suffering moves you to compassion, what are you going to do about it?”

—Canadian Global Response