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Annual Report

COCHRANE—We’re excited to celebrate another year with you at Canadian Global Response! Press on the download link below for a PDF version of our 2016 Annual Report, or press on the web link to view the file online. Our financial statements have been audited and are available upon request. In addition to the year’s highlights, here’s an update from our President:

As I look back over this year, one of the highlights for me is seeing the movement of CGR, especially the number of volunteers catching the vision to ‘Live with A purpose’—like the teams who went to the Philippines to help rebuild homes, and the volunteers who had ‘Christmas with a purpose’ amongst the forcibly-displaced vulnerable minorities of Northern Iraq!

Not only did the volunteers go and get involved, but they’ve caught the vision themselves! They are telling their own stories of the refugees, individuals and families they met in person. And they are working towards sponsoring vetted cases of these refugee families to resettle in Canada! Radio Canada and other media outlets highlighted CGR’s Quebec volunteers doing just that in Jordan at Christmas.

Thank you for your generous giving to enable CGR to touch the lives of many in Canada and around the world!

Looking ahead, we need to continue this momentum. The refugee situation is overwhelming, and it is not going away! We cannot turn a blind eye, thinking it’s not our problem. Whether we like it or not, refugees are in our backyard, and more will come. It’s up to us to make a difference!”

Abraham Shepherd, CGR President


What’s next in 2017? We’re excited to offer you new and continuing ways to show love in action! Get in touch with us to host a training event, to helping your group sponsor a refugee family. We’ve even had creative fundraisers like a cupcake and dumpling event!

Child sponsorship now exists for displaced Syrian children. We’re also providing apartment space for 150 refugees in Iraq for safety and a healthy way to reintegrate into society.

Looking to help overseas? With your skills join us as we plan volunteer trips to assist in Iraq, Philippines, Nepal, Chad and beyond. Volunteer positions such as coordinating volunteers, grant writing, and social media are also available—please contact our office to get started.