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Gift Catalogue Christmas Cards of Hope!

2016 Gift Catalogue Christmas Cards!

COCHRANE, AB—This year we’ve continued to offer our online catalogue as a way in connecting people to Canadian and international partners. We love hearing stories of people discovering a project they are passionate about, and advocating for change through fundraising!

Our CGR gift catalogue is now exclusively online to allow us to focus on meeting the needs of each project. Thanks to your positive support over the past few years, we’ve kept most of the catalogue items, and added new ones as projects and opportunities change. You’ll notice a couple new items in the group of 35 now available online as we’ve kept our focus on disaster relief, community development, poverty alleviation, and special projects such as our Hunger Fund Challenge.

Specifically this Christmas, would you consider giving towards the refugee crisis in the Middle East? For example, we have partners working directly with refugees in Greece, where mothers are in short supply of baby formula. For as little as $15, you can provide nourishment for a child for a week, or $40 for a weekly supply of food for the family.

As a thank you for your generosity, we’ve created downloadable cards for you to gift a donation on behalf of someone else! Christmas is just around the corner, and letting someone know that they’ve sent a life-changing gift is a great way in sharing blessings. After donating to a a cause, the card will be made available for you to print. Here are a few pictures of the cards, which are simply printed on letter-sized 8.5″x11″ paper, and folded both horizontally and vertically.

We’re excited to celebrate the season with you! If you have any questions about our CGR Gift Catalogue, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.