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Community Development General Fund

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The United Nations created a basic definition for community development in 1948:

“Community Development is a process designed to create conditions of economic and social progress for the whole community with its active participation and fullest possible reliance upon the community’s initiative.”

The roots of community development came from observations that communities were disintegrating due to technological, economic and cultural changes that occurred during the Industrial Revolution. In the mid-20th century, the same principles began to be applied to lower socioeconomic neighbourhoods in North America and to development programs in the Global South after decolonization.

Today, the practice of community development has become more holistic, addressing public health, urban spaces, the environment, economic development, political integrity and education.

Canadian Global Response is committed to working around the world to enhance individuals’ quality of living and to reinforce the capacities of the communities that they live in.

The Community Development General Fund exists to support new projects and existing partnerships in furthering economic and social progress for communities in need.