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Disaster Relief & Rebuilding

Project Description

One of Canadian Global Response’s primary areas of expertise is in disaster relief and rebuilding. Due to local partnerships in the affected countries, we are able to mobilize people and resources quickly. We also create opportunities for Canadians to help in aid efforts where needed, and provide standard disaster relief training around the world. Our organization’s disaster relief model is based on the SPHERE: Humanitarian Charter and Minimum Standards in Humanitarian Response framework.

Relief and rebuilding projects include the Philippines, where Canadian Global Response partnered with a local organization to distribute food to 1,000 families sequestered in their homes or in shelters, mourning lost friends and family and trying to protect those still alive. Your donations will help relief teams as they offer some amount of assistance during this time of sorrow and suffering.

Another project is located in Nepal, where a 7.8 earthquake resulted in a death toll in the thousands. CGR partners provided immediate relief and provided basic essentials, food and shelter. Relief teams also assess needs for long-term recovery efforts. 

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