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CGR Advocating Opportunities

We’re excited to be able to partner with you to help make a difference and live with a purpose! Let’s keep in touch via email and social media as these opportunities are updated frequently:

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Different Ways to Advocate

Hope Jars

Hope Jars

 screen-shot-2016-10-14-at-12-42-53-pmPick a project that you’re passionate about, and let others know about it! We’ve created some neat colour stickers for you to use on Mason or peanut butter jars that you can print off through our resource GoogleDrive. 100% of the proceeds will also go towards the project of your choosing!

Press on the video to the right to take a look at this great way to help others.

Once you’ve raised at least $20, get in touch with Sara via email at administration@c-g-r.ca or phone us at (403) 512-5261 for a tax receipt and donation details.