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B.C. Forest Fires: Over 10,000 Evacuated in State of Emergency

B.C. Forest Fires: Over 10,000 Evacuated in State of Emergency

[:en]VANCOUVER—As of July 10, there are over 306 wildfires in British Colombia, which has declared a provincial State of Emergency. At least 128 of these are new fires which have emerged overnight.

100 Mile House Fire, taken from a resident from 105 Mile House

Evacuation orders have been given to dozens of communities, with most recent being Forest Grove, 100 Mile House, Alexis Creek, areas north of Princeton, and Moore Mountain area. This morning winds shifted outside of 100 Mile House, sending thousands of residents fleeing to evacuation centers.

In an interview with Briar Stewart, resident Tatiana Ruiz shared: “I didn’t worry at all, until somebody said the wind was picking up.”

“We were at home watching movies, and all of a sudden, they’re knocking on the door. We packed up our stuff in two, three minutes.”

Wildland Fire Professor Mike Flannigan from the University of Alberta shared in CBC interview yesterday, “It could get much, much worse,” due to the wildfire season peaking in July and August. With longer-range forecasts showing dry, hot weather, fires will continue to, “Be very chaotic and unpredictable.”

Canadian Global Response is currently monitoring the situation, and is looking at possible disaster relief efforts in the upcoming weeks. An assessment team will not been sent to affected communities before the State of Emergency is lifted, but we are accepting donations that will be used in the relief efforts.

Information regarding the British Colombia forest fires will be made as soon as possible on our website and social media platforms.


Images: 100 Mile House Fire / July 7, 2017 / Flickr / Creative Commons License / Danna & Curious Tangles 
BC Active Wildfires / July 10, 2017 / GoogleMaps Imaging / BC Wildfire Service, Government of BC / http://apps.gov.bc.ca/pub/dmf-viewer/?siteid=5131184402955244847[:]