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Spring 2017 Canada Floods

Canada Floods: CGR Partners in Montreal

MONTREAL—As of Sunday afternoon, local authorities announced the city’s state of emergency was lifted as flood levels appeared to wane across Quebec. Mayor Denis Coderre reminded homeowners not return to their homes until their property was deemed safe by inspectors.

A CGR Assessment Team was deployed on Monday to connect with local partners and assess the flooding situation. As of Tuesday, they were able to access the affected areas, meeting homeowners and examining the extent of the flood damages. One thing that stood out to the team is that this is not a normal flood response! On one street alone, there were no fewer than 20 dumpsters already in place and several large trash trucks waiting to be filled. City crews were loading the trucks as fast as the debris was brought to the curb.  

Above, a local took pictures of the Cartierville Neighbourhood of Montreal. 

Over a thousand homes have been inspected across Montreal, with over sixty already judged inhabitable. CBC reports that Montreal civil security and public health officials were concerned that the most widespread health problem caused by the flooding is psychological distress. Richard Massé, director of Montreal’s public health agency shares, “It is actually the biggest problem. Twenty-five per cent of people met had symptoms of distress.”

Yesterday, CGR partners decided to concentrate flooding relief efforts on one neighbourhood where several hundred homes have been selected, allowing the response to meet actual needs.

The city, residents and volunteers (over 50) from our local partner (Love Montreal) did an incredible amount of work in just a couple days. Their efforts included: moving large piles of sand bags, sweeping the sidewalks and streets and doing traditional debris removal for homeowners who had no money for contractors to complete basement demos. They completed the removal of belongings and demos of approximately 4 or 5 finished basements in one day!

CGR President Abraham Shepherd shares, “We are working with our trained team and local partners in Quebec to alleviate the impact of the flooding. You can join us by donating towards flood response.”

Further information about disaster relief efforts in Montreal and affected areas will be made available soon. Please consider donating towards this disaster relief and recovery fund that will be used in the relief efforts. Specifically, your help will assist those homeowners personally affected, as well as to purchase equipment locally to conduct flood recovery.


Photos: Rue Cousineau / Cartierville Neighborhood of Montreal, QC / May 8, 2017 / Flickr CC license