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Disaster Relief App with Project90

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CALGARY—At the University of Calgary, a group of student engineers from the campus club Project90 began working in spring 2015 to build a disaster relief app. By taking training manuals on mud-outs, cleanup job assessments, and proper chainsaw use, the team is creating a free and easy to use app for all mobile platforms that will have simplified information and instructional images.

design_4Why design an app? Abdullah Sattar shares, “Our cell phone app is focused on disaster relief situations where training manuals for CGR volunteers are needed in and outside of Canada. Our app will help recall information from disaster relief training on the field when they’re volunteering.” Abdullah is a third-year in the Bachelor of Engineering program, with a focus on software engineering. It’s his vision with the programming team to not only put out a basic and free version of the app, but added functionalities of a newsfeed, GPS location tracker, login system for volunteers, and more! Abdullah is a third-year in the Bachelor of Engineering program, with a focus on software engineering.

design_3Project90 is a, “Students Union Sanctioned Club at the University of Calgary, looking to makes changes in the world through applying our engineering skills. Project90 partners with existing Non-Governmental Organizations and undertakes student-capable design projects through these NGOs.” The group explains that their name came out of the idea that 90% of today’s engineering benefits only 10% of the world’s population, whereas their engineering initiatives focuses on the 90%. Canadian Global Response has partnered with the student group to produce the app, and is hopeful other NGOs and disaster relief agencies will be able to use this tool on the field.

The team would like to thank Appery.io, a cloud-based, rapid development environment for building mobile and responsive apps. The platform has generously offered a free, standard plan for CGR and Project90 to use—the partnership has enabled the app to move from an idea to reality, and also offers room for a second app to be created in the future.

Want to get involved? Project90 and CGR are looking for programmers and graphic design artists to help as the app moves forward. Volunteer work is available online via GoogleDocs and Appery.io. For more information about this opportunity, contact Project90 Project Manager April Jang at acjan@ucalgary.ca or CGR Media & Marketing Coordinator Dan Kazmaier at dan.kazmaier@c-g-r.ca