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Hurricane Matthew Relief in Cuba

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HOLGUÍN—A Canadian Global Response team arrived in Cuba in December to help assess damages as the recovery phase of Hurricane Matthew takes place. With winds reaching 260 km/h (160 mph), Hurricane Matthew dissipated in the middle of October but claimed the lives of between 600-1650 people, and an estimated $14 billion dollars in damages. Apart from Hurricane Ike in 2008, Matthew is the costliest hurricane in Cuba’s history.

CGR relief was situated in the municipality of Maisi, with essentials such as nutritious food, clean water, and roofing materials provided for locals. Michael Krause of Kitchener, Ontario, returned to the affected locations in February 2017 and is serving as project director to help in this capacity, and mobilize other Canadians to assist. He also serves as the CGR Coordinator for the GTA area and SW Ontario.

Michael shares: “I have been to Cuba many times as a tourist until God recently touched my heart, and I believe that my calling is to give back to the people of Cuba. We recently completed a teaching and reconnaissance mission, where we taught a group of Cuban Youth Pastors how to provide their own disaster relief program, to their own people in need.  This course is based on CGR’s principles that have been applied and proven to work well in many parts of the globe, under Abraham Shepherd’s (CGR President) leadership.”

Help Bring a Good Night's Sleep!
 A CGR team is planning to return to Cuba again in May. As of now, roughly $1000 has been raised to be distributed towards needs in the affected areas. Like December, where the relief team listened to the people and observed, and beyond the usual needs of food and roofing, the message was clear: We need mattresses! Stories ranging from people pulling soaking wet mattresses from the garbage fill to sleep on, people having to sleep sitting up in chairs, and entire families having to sleep in one bed IF they still have a functioning mattress.

“We definitely want to continue to address this need via our most cost-effective option,” explains Michael, “which we have determined to be manufacturing them in the Moa area. Moa is less than 100 km from Barracoa, and one queen sized mattress can be manufactured for approximately 75 CUC ($ 100 CDN), while creating local jobs and aiding the local economy at the same time.”

Would you consider helping us provide a Good Night’s Sleep to Cuban families? We’re challenging Canadians to help us raise another $12,000, which will allow us to select 100 families to receive mattresses. This would ensure a dry, sanitary, and comfortable place for everyone in the family to rest and sleep, which all of us surely take for granted in our society. Please press the donate button above to this cause.

May 2017 Summer Camp Rebuild
Looking to volunteer in Cuba? There are only three spots left for a May 21 - May 28, 2017 trip to Holguin, Cuba. Michael and a team are assisting locals to rebuild a Summer Youth Camp destroyed by Hurricane Matthew.

They're looking to add a few more people with a good heart, who love to do good and have some construction skills. This is a "vacation with a purpose" trip at a very economic cost. Let Michael know below if you are interested, or you can also join us financially below to the cause or a member on this trip.

Cuba Camp Rebuild Team (May 21-28, 2017)

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To get in touch with team leader Michael Krause, email him here.

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