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“Origin in Athens” Project 2019

Donation Goal For This Project is $8,000
59% Donated/$3,277 To Go
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The Project:

Last year Origin Church left Canada to help refugees in and around Athens for a week. This year we have decided to head back to continue serving refugees, encouraging aid workers and our Refugee Partners (who themselves are engaging Refugees), and to bring joy to Refugee families through sports, games, arts and crafts, and other activities. We are aiming to raise at least $8,000 to be used for purchasing various hygiene products (shampoo, soap, diapers, etc…), medical supplies, and food items. The donations will be given out to our local partners (Syrian Breeze of Hope) through Canadian Global Response so that every dollar can be stretched as far as they can go. We will be staying in downtown Athens and will be supporting refugees mainly from Syria, but also Afghanistan, Iraq, and other countries in squat houses around the area.

Note On Donations: Please include “Origin in Athens” in the designation section so that we can best track our specific project’s donations. If you are donating for a specific individual on the team, please also include their name in this section.

Our team:

Brindley Taylor: Project Lead
Reed Eaglesham: Project Lead Assistant
Craig O’Brien: Project Lead Assistant
Jenny Yoon: Book Keeper
Nathaniel O’Brien: Worker
Laura Atiyeh: Translator
Mikayla O’Brien: Housing Coordinator
Eva Xu: Worker
Sally Zhou: Worker

Last Year’s Project:







The Current Situation:

ATHENS, GREECE—Now in its eighth year, the Syrian civil war continues to evade peace. Thousands have fled heading to refuge over sea and land. Near the end of the refugee highway, the humanitarian crisis of refugees finds itself in Greece.

The situation remains difficult, yet there are continuing opportunities to meet the needs of refugees. According to the UNHCR, there were 32,497 arrivals by sea in Greece last year, in addition to another to another 18,014 from land. These both continue to add to the already over 1 million arrivals in the past 3 years. Incredibly, 90% of these arrivals come from the world’s top-10 refugee producing countries, where Syria continues to be the world leader.

Would you like to volunteer with us in Greece? There are many opportunities to welcome and assist refugees throughout the country with our local teams. Please email us for more information and consider donating through the buttons below or above.