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Refugee Mobile Clinic

Donation Goal For This Project is $50,000
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We have partnered with a Syrian local organization called “Better Life 4 Syrian Children” to deliver educational programming and donations towards food and education. Because schools are inaccessible in many areas due to the conflicts happening, many children are unable to continue learning how to read and write.

Our partner at Better Life 4 Syrian Children have set up an activity centre for these children and their mothers, and teach them how to read and write in addition to practical skills. Canadian Global Response created a “Kits for Kids” program in Canada, where we created packages of supplies for kids in need. The kits have been delivered to Syrian refugees in Jordan, and inside Syria itself. For more pictures and information on the kits, click here.

CGR is also partnering with other organizations throughout the region to not let this generation of children be forgotten.

Click here to Donate towards Education in Syria, or you can also donate through our gift catalogue, which enables you to download a printable card to give to a loved one, letting them know they’ve helped a child in need.