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CGR Actively Monitoring Hurricane Harvey in Texas

CGR Actively Monitoring Hurricane Harvey in Texas

[:en]HOUSTON—Over 24 inches of rain devastated Houston this past weekend as Tropical Storm Harvey swelled through the area, and will continue to rain until it dissipates sometime Thursday-Friday.

Many vehicles have been abandoned as flooding has increased.

While waters rise, tens of thousands of people have sought emergency assistance, with many evacuated from life-threatening situations. CNN meteorologist Dave Hennen declared the hurricane a, “one-in-1,000-years-type of event.

Schools are now closed for the week and the city is not under evacuation orders, as Mayer Turner stated on Sunday, “You literally cannot put 6.5 million people on the road,” which would create other difficulties. As such, more than 3,000 national and state guard troops have been deployed to assist with relief.

The US National Weather Service is expecting 1,270 mm of rain in some areas of Houston. This is over 17 times the amount of rainfall Calgary received over three days in the June 2013 flooding that engulfed S. Alberta.

Canadian Global Response has been actively monitoring the situation, and has been in contact with our SBDR partners in the United States. All options are being considered because of the severity of the situation. An assessment team will be dispatched as soon as the emergency state is lifted, allowing us to properly verify needs that can be met via our personnel and volunteers.

Please consider giving towards our disaster relief fund online through the button below, or contribute via cheque with the memo line “2017 Hurricane Harry Relief”. Donations enable us to understand the scope of our response to the affected areas, and as we meet immediate needs through local partners.

Information regarding the damage and disaster response assessment of Hurricane Harvey will be made as soon as possible on our website and social media platforms.


Images: Hurricane Harvey Flooding / August 27, 2017 / Flickr / Creative Commons License / Jill Carlson[:]