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Education & Activities for Syrian Children

Education & Activities for Syrian Children

SYRIA—As Christmas approaches we are ecstatic to receive another update from our friends at “Better Life 4 Syrian Children,” who have recapped some recent developments in their effort to provide education and relief for Syrians impacted by the ongoing crisis.

Thank you for providing the “Kits for Kids” that arrived earlier this year, and donations that have provided for food and education. The needs continue to rise in Syria as the World Food Programme (WFP) has been forced to suspend a critical food aid program for more than 1.6 million Syrian refugees. Would you consider making a difference in the lives of a few children this Christmas? Donating through our gift catalogue enables you to download a printable card to give to a loved one, letting them know they’ve helped a child in need.

“We now have a centre for the activities for kids and their mothers too. The centre has a computer class, education and activity class, and reception room.

We have received two groups of children for two months, with each group staying for two hours twice a week. During the break, we serve them hot milk with chocolate and biscuits, and there are special buses to transport children.

In the first group there are children who can’t read or write. They don’t go to school because of security conditions and displacement, so we teach them reading and writing, in addition to teaching girls crafts (knitting and sewing), and the boys are taught computers and handicraft.

We teach the second group the following: 

  1. Art (drawing, handicraft and computer).
  2. Lessons in educational subjects: (Arabic, English and Math)
  3. Lessons in moral/ethical values.
  4. Health education (about hygiene and disease prevention).
  5. Medical clinic to provide medical services and medication for children.

We distributed school supplies, in addition to the quantity that you sent. Thank you very much! We invited children to attend a play presented by “Joy 4 Kids” team in the hall, distributed fruit, juice and biscuits. They had a wonderful time!

For the mothers’ activity, we have classes for crafts, knitting, and psycho-social and emotional support throughout the groups.

We hope to provide our services to a large number of children to show love by our assistance and attention to these children and mothers. Right now we have 21 volunteers helping, including a specialized technical team to provide entertainment and games with purpose.

In December we are planning for the various Christmas parties in the capital, with a large number of children (about 200-250) attending a large party.

Your prayers, concern and continuing support is very important to our association to continue our service of spiritual, psychological, social and physical help for our children for better life and future.

Best regards,

President of “Better Life 4 Syrian Children'”

Thank you for your generosity in partnering with CGR in making a difference in the lives of many Syrian refugee children in the Middle East. Anyone wishing to respond can help by donating to CGR’s Middle East Crises fund through the button below, visiting our donation page, or by purchasing a gift catalogue item related to the ongoing crisis. Downloadable cards through the catalogue are available, allowing gifts to be sent in the name of someone else.

To help Canadian Global Response teams working in this volatile area, please continue to share our updates across social media, and donate towards this cause. Further information about the crisis and humanitarian relief efforts in Syria and Iraq will be made available as soon as possible.