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Hurricane Harvey Disaster Response Volunteers Needed

Hurricane Harvey Disaster Response Volunteers Needed

[:en]HOUSTON—Canadian Global Response is mobilizing disaster relief teams throughout September and October 2017 to help with mud-outs, chainsaw, and food distribution. Recovery efforts are in progress for residents who need assistance through our SendRelief and SBDR partners active on the ground. You can help by giving or joining a volunteer team that will be dispatched to affected areas in the Houston area by completing the following form.

Some portions of the impacted areas are in recovery mode and we have partnering units already in place or heading there now in need of volunteers. Different areas are still in the middle of rescue operations and we are unable to deploy but we are diligently training volunteers and preparing to serve those areas.


For assistance with your donation or volunteer opportunities, please contact us at 1-403-512-5261. Please consider giving towards our disaster relief fund online through the button below, or contribute via cheque with the memo line “2017 Hurricane Harry Relief”. Donations enable us to understand the scope of our response to the affected areas, and as we meet immediate needs through local partners.

Information regarding the damage and disaster response assessment of Hurricane Harvey will be made as soon as possible on our website and social media platforms.