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Mattresses Help Bring a ‘Good Night’s Sleep’ in Cuba

Mattresses Help Bring a ‘Good Night’s Sleep’ in Cuba

HOLGUÍN—In February, Michael Krause returned to Eastern Cuba on behalf of Canadian Global Response to help purchase and deliver relief assistance after the wake of Hurricane Matthew. Michael shared in last December’s update, “I have been to Cuba many times as a tourist until God recently touched my heart, and I believe that my calling is to give back to the people of Cuba.”

The trip was successful in dispersing the funds raised over the past two months, with four mattresses and a washing machine being given to families in need. Importantly, Canadian supporters were able to supply about 250 families with approximately 20 pounds of food each. Michael offered prayer and emotional support for many people who are mostly in remote, mountainous areas. He shares, “These farmers came down as far as hours away with their mules.”

Michael and a team are planning to return to Cuba again in May. As of now, roughly $1000 has been raised to be distributed towards needs in the affected areas. Like December, where the relief team listened to the people and observed, and beyond the usual needs of food and roofing, the message was clear: We need mattresses! Stories ranging from people pulling soaking wet mattresses from the garbage fill to sleep on, people having to sleep sitting up in chairs, and entire families having to sleep in one bed IF they still have a functioning mattress.

“We definitely want to continue to address this need via our most cost-effective option,” explains Michael, “which we have determined to be manufacturing them in the Moa area. Moa is less than 100 km from Barracoa, and one queen sized mattress can be manufactured for approximately 75 CUC ($ 100 CDN), while creating local jobs and aiding the local economy at the same time.”

Would you consider helping us provide a Good Night’s Sleep to Cuban families? We’re challenging Canadians to help us raise another $12,000, which will allow us to select 100 families to receive mattresses. This would ensure a dry, sanitary, and comfortable place for everyone in the family to rest and sleep, which all of us surely take for granted in our society.

Please reach out to Michael and his team as they partner with locals in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew.

Michael Krause
Cuba Program Director


Volunteer opportunities will also exist throughout the recovery process, with cleanup teams being called upon. We are requesting potential volunteers to contact the office by email or phone. Further service opportunities and information about disaster relief efforts in the Caribbean in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew will be made available.