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Meet Our Venezuela Project Co-Director!

Meet Our Venezuela Project Co-Director! Venezuela Project: Feed the Children Venezuela Project: Feed the Children

[:en]VENEZUELA—As of this month, CGR has adopted Iglesia Bautista El Calvario’s program in the city of Ciudad Ojeda, Zulia as an official project to provide activities and food to children in the community suffering from the country’s hardships. The ministry consists of having children gather on Sundays for teaching and activities and the third Saturday of every month a group of volunteers meets with the kids in the community in a nearby basketball court to play games and participate in different activities.

Here is a brief introduction from Judy Senior, co-director of the Venezuela Project with Sara Schmidtke:

“My name is Judy Senior, I was born and raised in Venezuela. I left my country in 2008 and at that time there was starting to be a shortage in the food, specially brands… the reality was you had to buy whatever brand you found and not the one you preferred.

Serving food as a fun activity wraps up!

Years later in 2011, my nephew was born, and you would think I would be sending toys and cute things for him, but no, I was sending powdered milk because there was none! Even if my family had the money, they were not able to buy because there was nothing.

Today the situation is much worse, there is food but so expensive that the weekly salary will only be enough to buy 1 kg of grounded beef, 1/2 kg of cheese, dozen eggs…yes…unbelievable!

Supporting this project with your donation will make it possible for 60 kids get a real good meal at least once a week…my dream is we are able to provide as much meals as possible in a daily basis…and see my country free.”

This project is a result of assessments in late 2016, as CGR looked for opportunities to partner in Venezuela as the country continues to experience a humanitarian crisis. Necessities such as nutritious food, hygiene supplies, and medicine are in short supply. If people do find food or supplies, they must pay 3-4 times more than the market value, which is extremely difficult.

A donation of $30 can cover the cost of a meal for each event, which provides a nutritious meal for 60-70 children and 10 volunteers. As the group meets weekly, would you consider sponsoring one of their events?

We’ll continue updating you about our Venezuelan initiative, and my project co-director and friend Judy Senior will share her story and involvement in working with the children.