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Morley and Exshaw Mud-out Equipment Needed

Cochrane, AB, June 26, 2013—Our mud-out disaster relief teams in Exshaw and Morley are in immediate need of the following: Shovels, Safety glasses Pressure washer, Water hose, Long heavy-duty extension cords (100′), Skill saws, Tyvek suits (coveralls), N95 masks, Safety glasses, Sump pump, Mops, Squeegees, Utility knives and extra blades.

The equipment can be dropped off and received by our volunteers at Brentview Baptist Church (3512 Charleswood Drive NW) near the University of Calgary on Thursday, June 27 (4:00-9:00pm) and Friday, June 28 (8:00am-3pm).

Here is a comprehensive list of our equipment needs: Fire extinguisher, First aid kit, Gas-powered pressure washer (minimum 1500 psi), 50-foot heavy duty water hose, Gas-powered water pump, Sump pump, 3500-watt generator with extension cords and floodlights, Electric exhaust fan, 16-inch chainsaw with spare bar and chain, Heavy duty wet/dry shop vac, Five-gallon gas can, 2 ½-gallon gas can, Tool box with basic tools, Wrecking bars (crow and pry bars) of assorted lengths, Reciprocating saw with spare blades, Circular saw with spare blades, ½-inch drill with assorted bits, Bolt cutter, Sledge hammer, Large scoop shovel, Square shovel, Hack saw with spare blades, Wheelbarrow, Appliance hand truck, Water cooler, Six-foot step ladder, 18-inch traffic cones, Squeegees, Pitch fork, Broom(s), Rubber gloves and boots, Rain gear (jacket and pants), Hard hat(s), Garden sprayer, Five-gallon buckets, Bleach and empty one-gallen buckets for mix, Heavy duty mud hog pump, Duct tape.

To serve on our volunteer teams, please complete our CGR AB Flooding Volunteer Form.

For further information, please visit our website and stay connected to our Facebook and Twitter accounts for the most recent updates.

—Canadian Global Response

(Photo Credit: CGR, June 22, 2013)