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Philippines: 'Filipino people are strong and resilient'

Philippines: ‘Filipino people are strong and resilient’

TACLOBAN—The second team of Alberta CGR volunteers arrived safely today, overlapping their two week journey with the first team to help continue rebuilding local homes destroyed in November 2013 by Typhoon Haiyan.

The first house is almost complete, just needing a porch which will go up tomorrow morning. The house will be handed over to the homeowners after the paint is finished the following morning.

One of the team members shared, “This has been a wonderful experience. It was one thing to hear what happened with the typhoon on the news and another to see it with my own eyes. The Filipino people are strong and resilient. Despite the tragedy they have experienced they continue to smile and rebuild their lives.”

Work for the second team begins tomorrow as they adjust to a different timezone and climate today, including a visit to the job sites, seeing how the houses are being built.

Thank you for your willingness to help respond to Typhoon Hagupit and the need for adequate shelter. These efforts would not be possible without your support.

Further information about the humanitarian relief efforts in the Philippines will be made available as soon as possible.

Anyone wishing to respond can help by donating to CGR’s Hagupit Typhoon fund through the donation button below, or selecting other giving options on our donation page.

Photos: Sara Ruiz & Tim Wuthrich in Tacloban, March 4-6, 2015