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Philippines: Work Continues as Teams Return

Philippines: Work Continues as Teams Return

TACLOBAN—Today the second team of Albertan CGR volunteers began their trip back home, completing their two week stay in helping rebuild homes that were damaged or destroyed by Typhoon Haiyan in November 2013.

Working alongside locals, the two volunteer teams completed three houses and started a forth and fifth. Post bolt holes were drilled and fastened on these last two, which will be finished by the Filipino workers.

The first team had completed building and painted most of the first house, starting on the beginnings of the second house. Filipino workers and the second team finished the walls and kitchen this past Monday, and moved onto the third house to work on the roof. The floors were sheathed and the walls put up, and by Thursday the building was finished with paint. “It’s been too short!” said one volunteer, thankful of the time and progress on the houses he and other teammates experienced. Both teams dealt with rains and storms caused by a dry spell, which temporarily halted work.

Thank you for your willingness to help respond to Typhoon Hagupit and the need for adequate shelter! These efforts would not be possible without your support. “Damo nga salamat!” (many thanks) to the volunteers who also made this trip a reality.

Further information about the humanitarian relief efforts in the Philippines will be made available as soon as possible.

Anyone wishing to respond can help by donating to CGR’s Hagupit Typhoon fund through the donation button below, or selecting other giving options on our donation page.

Photos: Joel McGraw & Tim Wuthrich in Tacloban, March 9-12, 2015