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CGR Resources

We’re glad that you and your group are sharing the vision! To your right we’re starting to +add media and document files for you to easily download. If you have any neat ideas to share or need something specific, please contact us.

Updated November 2015

CGR GoogleDrive

Canadian Global Response: GoogleDrive

Google for Nonprofits has granted 30GB of space for us to share documents online with volunteers. To access the following documents and media in separate folders in a new window, please use this link:

PowerPoint Presentations

Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations have been uploaded for your group to use. Note that file sizes are large and will take longer to download.

If you would like to use pictures in a presentation outside of PowerPoint, please find them with the appropriate CGR logo in the picture folder. If the specific picture is not available, please contact CGR before using.


Different folders have been uploaded, each including a selection of high quality pictures that have been downsampled and include a CGR logo. If your project or event requires larger images without the logo, please contact us.

Event Documents

Hosting an event? We’ve included an easy registration form, donation and pledge sheet, and more.

Disaster Relief App

Our volunteers from Project90 are creating a disaster relief app! Check out their updates and work here.

CGR Logos

Because we’re largely a volunteer movement, you’re welcome to use our logos (created by volunteers, by the way!) on CGR approved events and projects.