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Volunteers Needed for Southern AB Flooding

We will be contacting everyone who completes the following form (please enable pop-ups in your web-browser), allowing us to help coordinate recovery stage efforts:

CGR AB Flooding Volunteer Form

Cochrane, AB, June 22, 2013 —The NGO Council of Alberta has asked non-profit and volunteer agencies in the S. Alberta region to coordinate their disaster relief efforts concerning ongoing flooding in the area.

As of yesterday, Canadian Global Response and other organizations are currently on standby awaiting further direction. We stress that there are no active recovery efforts at the moment, and a joint effort recovery stage will begin once the current emergency stage of the flooding ends. Volunteers especially with training in flood recovery work (mud-outs) will be sought to help, and are encouraged to forward their contact details through the following link (please enable pop-ups in your web browser):

CGR AB Flooding Volunteer Form

To enquire more about volunteering and for further information or financial contributions, you may phone our office at 1-403-512-5261, or preferably email administration@c-g-r.ca. An online PayPal link is also provided below:

(Photo Credit: Flooding near Cochrane, AB. Taken by Kristie Watson, June 21, 2013)