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Syrian Children: Update

Syrian Children: Update

SYRIA—We want to share another update from our partners “Better Life for Syrian Children,” locals who are assisting Syrian refugees and helping children continue their education.

“2 brothers, Ishmael – a 16 year old boy, and his brother Akkad, 14 years old. Their father died and their older brother died in the capital city due to explosion that took place in the President square. The brothers, along with three more younger siblings: 3, 5, 7 years old, live with their mother who is their only provider. She works in cleaning homes after the death of her husband & eldest son.

They were poor but their poverty and their needs increased after the death of the main supporters of the family. They live in a house that is not suitable for living (skeleton structure). They are insisting with their mother that they will finish their studies. For this reason they decided to help their mother in meeting their needs and the needs of their younger siblings.

Thus they work in washing buildings, collecting garbage from homes, for a meagre earning. The youngest brother, Akkad, worked last year; thus allowing his brother Ishmael to finish his studies and get his certificate in passing middle school. And he succeeded! So this year, it is Ishmael’s turn to work so his brother Akkad will be attending school.

BL4SC (Better Life for the Syrian Children) helped Ishmael in securing a job for him in a restaurant; thus he’ll have better earning. They bought him a bicycle so he can deliver the food to homes from the restaurant. BL4SC is trying to help this family by securing food, clothing, milk, and any simple needs. They encourage them to finish their studies.

We trust that the children of this family will have a better future, as they are smart and they have inspiration. We try to help them as we are able, showing love and care. Thank you for helping us to draw a smile on the faces of the children!

Greetings from all the team,

Director of “Better Life 4 Syrian Children”

Please show a little love to these precious children, who continue to endure the trauma of war.

Thank you for your generosity in partnering with CGR in making a difference in the lives of many Syrian refugee children in the Middle East. Anyone wishing to respond can help by donating to CGR’s Middle East Crises fund through the button below, visiting our donation page, or by purchasing a gift catalogue item related to the ongoing crisis. Downloadable cards through the catalogue are available, allowing gifts to be sent in the name of someone else.

To help Canadian Global Response teams working in this volatile area, please continue to share our updates across social media, and donate towards this cause. Further information about the crisis and humanitarian relief efforts in Syria and Iraq will be made available as soon as possible.